Camp Stories

“This has been an awesome summer! I want to keep working hard to use the things that I learned at camp and maybe I can be as good as Jackie Stiles when I get older!”

Katie, Age 10
Basketball Camp, 2014

“I realized after I left camp that I can be a leader, that I can set the example, and that other people will listen to me. I can and I will be the best student, teammate and friend I can be. I can do anything I put my mind to!”

Caelainn, Age 12
Lacrosse Goalie Camp, 2015

“The new soccer skills I learned will improve the type of player I will be in the future. Not only has it made me a skilled player but also a better team player.”

Melanie, Age 13
Soccer Leadership Camp, 2017

“I play goalkeeper in soccer. I want to keep playing and learning so I can make the US National Team. One time in a tournament I let in no goals and I scored the most goals!”

Kaylee, Age 10
Soccer Camp, 2019