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P4P2 provides resources and activities for girls and women who wish to maximize their sport experience and provides a platform for girls and women to learn about the value of sport, to advocate for quality opportunities in sport, and to investigate sport-related careers. P4P2 projects and events focus on the relationship between sport and leadership development through activities, trainings, events, and resources. Learn more by clicking on the boxes below!


Digital StorytellingDigital Storytelling

In 2015 P4P2 entered into a partnership with Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy (CGLA) to pilot a digital storytelling program which will serve as the basis for a sport-based leadership development curriculum we are calling Chalk Talks 2.0. Thirty-three tenth grade girls created digital stories featuring Chattanooga female athletes (past and present).

Digital stories can be created simply on a iPad or Google Chrome using free or low-cost software. Stories are created using text, graphics, photos, videos, and music resulting in a “short film” in essence. CGLA’s stories were created throughout the fall and premiered in Chattanooga in 2016.

Participants not only learn about technology and production but also about the stories of women who have and do participate in sports. We can’t wait to see the stories the CGLA girls produce next!

If you are interested in becoming a partner school/group*, please contact us!

*A partner school or group is a group of students in a class, athletes on a team, or girls in an organization who want to participate in creating digital stories with P4P2. The 8-10 minute stories created will focus on women in sports or women’s sports issues. A Guide is available for leaders who participate in the program. Stories may be used in the developing curriculum. Schools or groups provide their own computers or other devices.




The Playing for Power Project - Finger Touching ScreenPower UP! Program

The Power UP! Program focuses on mentoring and digital storytelling with a developing curriculum created by educators and leaders.  Power UP! provides girls with tools to highlight sports stories/topics and build their own leadership skills by participating in Chalk Talks 2.0 as storytellers or listeners.





The Playing for Power Project - School HallwayP4P2 Institute

Future plans include the establishment of a day-long event to meet mentors, discuss issues in women’s sports, learn about leadership development and highlight women in sport. Partners interested in working with P4P2 should contact P4P2 directly via the Contact Us form.





Power WebinarsPower Webinars

Chalk Talks, the name for P4P2‘s webinar series, focuses on information on a variety of issues in sports.

Opportunities for Women Prior to Title IX
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Intended Consequences of Title IX
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