About Us

“(Girls have) got so many role models now because there are so many unbelievable female athletes out there, and they can see that there is no contradiction between them being strong and tough and beautiful and confident.”

– Former President of the United States, Barack Obama

The Playing for Power Project, also known as P4P2, was founded in 2012 by people who value the role of sports in the lives of girls and women, especially in the development of healthier lifestyles and leadership skills.

For girls, involvement in sports can contribute positively in many ways including:

  • Obesity issues
  • Medical issues such as heart disease, the number one killer of women Academic success
  • Drug use
  • Leadership and social skills
  • Self-esteem

The people who guide The Playing for Power Project have lifelong commitments to advocacy, education, and programming to encourage the development of sport opportunities for girls and women. Through The Playing for Power Project, they continue work to expand the understanding of how current issues affect the quality and quantity of sport opportunities for girls and women.

Please join with us…as a participant, a partner, a donor, or an advocate…to ensure that our daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces, and girlfriends have every positive opportunity to choose sports and to network with others who share those interests!